Save the Rose Garden Cafe Campaign is actively pursuing an official complaint to Sheffield Council for breach of statutory duty in respect of the Rose Garden Cafe Campaign. SRGCC believes that as the sole corporate trustee of Graves Park charity and its assets Sheffield City Council has signally failed in one of its primary duties to care for and maintain an asset (The Rose Garden Cafe) of the aforesaid charity. Following receipt of the complaint and the councils response we shall then be making an official complaint to the charity commission on the same grounds. You cannot make a direct complaint to the charity commission until you have made a formal complaint to the charities trustee which in this case is Sheffield City Council and all of those avenues must be first exhausted before the charity commission will look at a complaint about a charity.

We are also pursuing the registration and listing of the Rose Garden Cafe on the Local Heritage Register which is managed by the South Yorkshire archaeological service.

Also, we are examining the potential for the building to be listed as an asset of community value. An Asset of Community Value is defined as: A building or other land is an asset of community value if its main use has recently been or is presently used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could do so in the future.

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