Here’s costings from the council which we got from yesterday’s meeting with Council Leader Terry Fox.

Although they accept it’s a problem which needs fixing there’s no urgency to it and clearly no real sense of sympathy for the staff and we asked them to accept full responsibility for the neglect of the building they were reluctant to do so. It’s all ‘no decisions have been taken’ and everything will now have to grind its way through the new committee system which may take weeks.

They’ve agreed to remove the one month deadline for Cafe operator to find a temporary replacement (which should be the Councils responsibility). They have apologised for poor communication with all the stakeholders and are prepared to look at compensation for the cafe operator.

We are still angry that there is no urgency to providing a temporary replacement cafe and their lack of responsibility for the year on years neglect of the building which has brought this all about.

Income from the cafe has been used to support the councils other activities in the park but NOT on any repairs to the building which is disgrace.

Our next campaign group meeting is on Weds 7th Sept where we will discuss next steps in the campaign. Please share widely !

The table below explains where the Council has been spending money in Graves Park