From Sheffield City Council -Preliminary Findings from the Roof Survey. Below are the preliminary findings from the roof structural survey as promised by the Council’s Architect.

The full report will be pulled together post the timber / damp survey within the roof space and the intrusive around the roof wall connection and we must be clear that just because the roof timbers are in a reasonably in a good state doesn’t mean that there won’t be substantial work required depending on that front elevation which is leaning quite badly..

Here’s the summary they’ve sent us..

‘In general the roof space looked reasonably good condition, no splits/ opening up of the roof truss joints, purlins seemed fine, some small splits/shakes to purlins along their length, rafters built as we would expect .

Purlins are orientated quite flat in section along their span, which might struggle to show as adequate by calculation but seem fine, there was some deflection to timber beams supporting the clock tower and small opening up of a purlin end connection near the front gable by the clock tower but overall seemed good.

Some rusting of the steel truss connections, a few gaps in tiles

We did try and inspect a truss end externally removing tiles but couldn’t get close enough to see it so would be good to expose truss end internally, see what bearing trusses have on wall, not sure we have asbestos survey for the internal board to allow removal of this, so this might be required.

Would suggest roof movement more likely related to the front wall and/or its foundation being the issue.’

These are the FIRST pictures of the state of the roof timbers