Petition Reaches 10,000 Signatures Folks, the petition to Save the Rose Garden Cafe in Graves Park has now topped more than 10,400 signatures. The purely Sheffield online signatures plus paper signatures we are at 5,798 signatures. With wider Sheffield signatures we are at over 6k, and in total we have amassed 10,432 signatures.

We will be presenting our petition to the Full Sheffield City Council on 2nd November at 2.00pm (please come and support us)

Next week we are also appearing at the Council’s South Local Area Committee on Tuesday 11th Oct at 6.00pm-8.00pm in the Mount View Methodist Church on Derbyshire Lane, where we will be asking questions and seeking support for the repair and reopening of the cafe.

The Council appears to be listening and collaborating with us at the moment, but we need to keep the political pressure up so as to box off all the potential opportunities for them resile on their undertakings.

Thanks for all your support thus far and please share widely.

Seen by Andy Kershaw at Tuesday 16:19

Andy Kershaw