a good meeting with the Leader of the Council yesterday in so far as we made all the points we discussed in our campaign group meeting and Julie Collins⁩ gave it to them between the eyes on the impact on the staff . We came away with an assurance we’d have answers to all our questions and another meeting in a week and the new 8th Aug report and the other structural reports have now all been published online here.

The Leader Cllr Terry Fox was open and aware that the council is taking stick on this issue and we’ll have to see what transpires next but keep the heat on for answers to our questions and the ones raised by the Friends of Graves Park please join this group too if you can and sign up to membership of it.
We will keep the pressure up on this campaign and we will get a solution to saving our beloved Rose Garden Cafe and the jobs of the 12 staff.

Councillor Richard Williams who is the chair of the parks committee and neighbourhoods summed it up when he said what I’m hearing is TRUST, URGENCY, COMMUNICATION, OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY and those are the key things we want from this Council. We certainly made them aware about how angry and upset local people are about this issue.