Latest developments from Sheffield City Council on the proposed Rose Garden Cafe Partnership

Following the committee meeting last week where approval was given to establish a partnership to take forward the Rose Garden Café (RGC) restoration, we wanted to offer to meet (soon) to explore how we can best work together for the restoration and refurbishment of the Café in advance of work to establish the partnership beginning. To ensure the workshop is productive and moves us forward, we would like to propose that an independent facilitator runs the session to support us all. We would suggest Pete Spriggs from Clearer Thinking would be a good option – you may be aware of him and his work already.

Given the importance of progressing at pace, we would like to suggest the morning of Friday the 10th of November (09:00 arrival for a 09:30 start, concluding at 12:30) at the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre’s Sycamore Suite in Ecclesall Woods. The capacity for the Sycamore Suite is 16 people and we welcome suggestions for other invitees.

We are reluctant to have meetings for meetings sake, but we hope that this approach will help move us forward together as quickly as we can. Could we therefore ask that you let us know any thoughts or concerns about the proposed approach, date, or venue by the end of this week we will of course do our best to accommodate any changes.

Kind regards,

Nathan Rodgers
Head of Service
Sheffield City Council
Operational Services
Facilities Management