at the communities parks and leisure policy committee of Sheffield City Council on Monday, the 14th of November at 2 o’clock Folks it’s the Communities, parks and leisure policy committee on Monday, the 14th of November at 2 o’clock in the town hall. This is yet another committee hoop we have to jump through and we have tabled the following questions about the Rose Garden Café and wider issues. Please come along if you’re free it’s a public meeting.

Dear Committee Team, I’d like to table the following questions for the committee and confirm my intention to attend and ask them in person. The issue of the Rose Garden Cafe in Graves Park has given rise to a number of questions about how the Parks & Countryside service communicates with community groups such as our campaign and the established ‘friends’ groups.

1. Would the committee please undertake a review into how the council engages with such groups and in particular where such decisions as the one to close the Rose garden Cafe with 15 minutes notice to the staff are taken and handled?

2. I note that the Committee is responsible for ‘Community Development’ and ‘Voluntary & Community Sector liaison and engagement’. In what way does the committee understand that this is undertaken in parks and green spaces in the City in any meaningful way ?

3. Parks are huge ‘green meeting spaces’ for people and given the importance of social contact both during and following the Covid-19 pandemic, what role does the committee see as its role in relation to promoting social contact and the provision of social hubs or meeting places, such as the Rose Garden café and other buildings in Sheffield?

4. Given the alarming and very concerning report from the Director of Operational Services to the Finance Sub Committee on Monday 7th Nov (herewith: Draft Protocol for Cabinet Reports ( ) regarding the parlous state of the 182 council and community buildings, including some our City’s most iconic and historic buildings) what role does the committee propose to have in engaging with citizens and communities to open up meaningful dialogue to ensure the involvement of citizens affected by the potential decisions contemplated in the report?

5. Please supply a list of the 182 buildings mentioned at the Finance subcommittee on the 7th of November as requiring £200 million worth of repairs and maintenance.

6. Please supply a separate list of the buildings mentioned as ‘critical & essential’ needing £48m spending as a matter of urgency.

7. Please supply a list of all buildings owned by the council in public parks in Sheffield and please indicate if any of the buildings mentioned in question one and two are featured.

8. In relation to question three above please indicate which buildings are listed in public parks in Sheffield