About Us

We are a recently formed group of Rose Garden Cafe users and supporters who are appalled at the sudden and peremptory closure of the much loved and well used Rose Garden Cafe in Graves Park. We have formed this action group alongside the Friends of Graves Park, but are independent of them to demand that the council repair and reopen this heritage asset as soon as possible. The council suddenly closed the CAFE on Wednesday, the 27th of July after commissioning a report which took place on the 28th of June and so it took five weeks for the council to come up with a list of defects including the sagging roof,  leaning windows, rotting windows, the open-ended soffits and a list of other defects which it said would cost £550,000 to repair. 

We were extremely fearful that the council would use this as an excuse to demolish this popular local CAFE which has been used by millions of people down the generation since 1927. You can see a full list of our key demands on this website and the still unanswered questions that we need urgently answering from the council. We will not rest until we have a temporary replacement in situ whilst immediate repairs are undertaken to the building to bring it back into operation.

Following a public meeting on the 4th of August at which 200 people attended A steering committee has been formed which is called pro tem chaired by Andy Kershaw and Liz Hnat. We are demanding an independent inspection and cost analysis of the repairs required on the building from the council. We are appalled at the poor levels of communication especially in the light of the fact that 12 staff have been made immediately redundant following the closure. 

The council said that it would provide a temporary replacement initially but I’ve backtracked since and said that the tenant business must provide that temporary replacement and if it can’t the opportunity would be offered to another provider. This tenant has served our community lawyerly for over 14 years with 12 staff who were providing a service throughout the pandemic and they deserve a better standard of loyalty and commitment than that

We work alongside other groups such as the Friends Of Graves Park and the Rose Garden Cafe itself.