What We Want

Here are the key points that we have asked the Council to respond to:

1. Why has the Rose Garden Cafe building not been maintained in the years the council have been trustees?
2. Why do the council consider that all repairs must be completed at once, when the structural report indicates that only some are immediately required in order to make the building safe.
3. We want assurances that no demolition is planned and want the opportunity to verify the report and costs independently.
4. When will we see the outcome of the second inspection and where will this be published (so far, council communications have been lacking for the public or difficult to find)
5. We want assurances that the council will work with us in an open and transparent approach to seeking alternatives to closure and/or demolition
6. Why was the 2018 lease renewal only set for 2 years when previously it had been much longer?
7. Why has it taken 5 weeks since the first report was issued to close the cafe if it was so dangerous? The report does not appear to suggest immediate danger or closure – what has the decision to immediately close the cafe (with 15 minutes notice to the tenants) been informed by?
8. We would like to know whats happening with the funds in the Graves Park Charity Account – surely some of this can be used? (We understand that some of this is in assets and land, but do not believe that the full amount is tied up)
9. If no other alternative to demolition can be found by working together, we want absolute assurances that the building will be replaced with another for use as a cafe, in a timely manner, and that public consultation will be held on this new building

Additional questions raised following a meeting:

1. Who are the 10 employees, their roles and responsibilities, employed by Graves Park Charity Trust?
2. What is the funding model of the park?
3. What are the “Assets under construction” listed on the structural report?
4. Who is the named lessor on the lease from the councils side?
5. Where was the £200k stated as being made available for repairs being sourced from?