Good Morning,

Just thought I’d share initial timescales and activities to keep you in the loop, all the info is subject to date change until finalised but gives you an indication of activities.

In order to try and avoid a lengthy tender process to get a propping contractor on board we approached an existing contract that the City Council was working with that already included this kind of work. Unfortunately these discussion were taking longer than expected due to complications of a third party overseeing the work on a remote site. A decision was therefore taken to appoint the contractor direct to the City Council and engineers attended site on Tuesday of this week to commence the detailed design work needed for the propping.

The design process is expected to be completed by the 7/10 and then a two-week mobilisation period is required for undertaking the work. We therefore anticipate the propping work to start week commencing 24th October but until the design is completed we will not know exactly how long the work will take to complete but we anticipate it will take less than 1 week. For the propping to be installed some of the furniture will have to be removed therefore you may see us doing this early next week in consultation with Brewkitchen.

Once we have a finalised the design and know the extent of propping we will be able to make a final decision on whether it would be possible to operate the café whilst it is in place. We are in the process of arranging a date to discuss the design implications with Brewkitchen.

I’ll provide a further update asap.

Many thanks

Nathan Rodgers

Head of Service

Facilities Management