Great news ! The Rose Garden Cafe has been listed on the South Yorkshire Local Heritage Register This message from the people who manage the register today.

Hello, to confirm that the nomination for Local Listing of the Rose Garden Café building has now been through the assessment process and that the recommendation made for Local Listing has been agreed with Sheffield’s Head of Planning As a result, I will be updating the status on the South Yorkshire Local Heritage List website: from ‘Candidate ready’ to ‘Locally Listed’.

We will also get on with updating the City Council’s own internal systems, including updating the relevant page of their webpage: Local List of heritage assets | Sheffield City Council.

Best wishes,
Dinah Dinah Saich
Principal Archaeologist South Yorkshire Archaeology Service – archaeological advisors to Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham & Sheffield Councils.

Our statement in response to this news: “This is great news and more evidence of the importance of this building to our local heritage and the value people place in it as a meeting place, social centre and venue for food, snacks and refreshments. We’re absolutely delighted it’s been listed on the local heritage register and although it doesn’t protect it in the way that a listed building would do, it emphasises its importance in South Yorkshire beyond Graves Park and we continue the fight to save it, repair it and fully reopen it in due course. Any councillor who now votes to demolish this will face public anger and approbrium as we continue to argue for a partnership approach to achieving this together”.